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Gravel Adventure Bike Rentals Geelong

A gravel adventure bike, also known as a gravel bike or an adventure bike, is a type of bicycle designed for riding on a variety of surfaces, including paved roads, gravel paths, dirt trails, and even off-road terrain. It is a versatile and capable bike that combines features from road bikes, cyclocross bikes, and mountain bikes to offer a comfortable and efficient riding experience across different terrains.

The versatility of gravel adventure bikes makes them suitable for a range of activities, including long-distance touring, commuting, bikepacking, and participating in gravel races or events. They provide a comfortable and stable ride on a variety of surfaces, making them an excellent choice for riders who want to explore different terrains and enjoy both on-road and off-road cycling experiences.

We recommend heading down to the Great Ocean Road for some spectacular scenery.

Our adventure gravel bikes are currently only available from our Geelong shop.

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