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The Region

Rolling hills, scenic wine regions and breathtaking ocean views, the Bellarine offers a truly spectacular cycling experience. With rental locations situated at the iconic Barwon Head seaside town you can explore the coastal trail to Ocean Groove. From Portalington or Queenscliff you have direct access to the famous Bellarine Rail Trail and both locations offer convenient access to the ferry terminals.

The Bellarine Rail Trail

The famous Bellarine rail trail takes in the highlights of the Bellarine linking the towns of Drysdale and Queenscliff with 35km of dedicated rail trail (70% paved tarmac and 30% compact gravel)

The gradient is a moderately challenging route with a gradual climb as you come into Leopold.

The full trail (along with the elevation profile) from Rent My Bike Geelong to Queenscliff is shown below. For a rider of moderate fitness it is around a 2-3 hour (one way) ride, allow 8 hours return including some nice breaks along the way. Alternatively look into one of our delivery options; ride to Queenscliff and and leave the return trip to us with our pickup service.

Our e-bikes are also a popular option, making the return trip within the day easily accessible for a rider of moderate fitness.

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Note - If you are looking for map navigation use the "Send to Device" option on the map below and follow the prompts to download the free Ride with GPS app.

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